IPhone - Lunchtime Walk in a Dreich Glasgow

DAY 1 

So my attempt to write a regular blog/diary fell flat on its face after the third post, so here is my attempt to give myself a kick in the butt and start over again.

I've read in countless places that one of the best ways to improve is to the photo a day challenge.

So here is a start, a simple shot of the Rail bridge over the river Clyde in Glasgow taken with my IPhone and edited using a new app to me 'Enlight' which I got from the Apple Appstore.

Being Scotland is was blue sky and warm until the moment I was at the furthest point of my walk away from my office when it started to rain.So this meant this photo was fairly rushed as I tried to decide on my composition then quickly pull my phone out, take a couple of shots and get it back in my jacket before the rain got to it.

So basic shot, not going to make millions on sales of prints, but it is a start. Lets see if I can keep myself motivated.