So I've looked at Twitter ( before but never really took the time to understand it. But now after setting up this website I thought I would give Twitter another go as every photography website or photographer has there own Twitter account (and Facebook account). 

So now after setting up my account (@SMacDonaldPhoto) and messing around with settings to get it the way I kind of like it (changed it several times over the first week) I started to look around to see what I could do. I thought I better add some content before I started searching and "following" other photographers and photography related "twitters" (I had decided that this account would be purely for photography). So I uploaded a few of my pictures to the site. Once done I then searched for some well known photographers that I followed on YouTube, such as Tony Northrup, Scott Kelby, Mike Browne etc. (I will start a list of my favourite photographers with Twitter and YouTube links in another post). Then I started looking at Twitter's suggestions on who to follow and after a quick scroll through I picked about fifty or so photographers to initially follow and began looking at there post and favouriting the images a liked and retweeting aswell. That was basically me for the night and logged out.

The next day  (after work and the kids were in bed) I looked into my account and got excited by seeing I had "followers"' only ten mind you but it was a start, and when I checked they were from the list of people I followed. Over the next few days I continued to follow more photographers and retweeted or liked various posts and slowly my following grew. Then one day I got a notice that someone had "liked"and "retweeted" one of my pictures, it was a macro picture of a ladybird. What did surprise me then was this sudden burst of "likes" and "retweets" for the same picture over a period of about twenty minutes. This I have to admit made me feel good and over the next day or two it happened again with a couple of other photos I had uploaded.

So now I am coming to the end of my first week as a "Tweeter" , I am currently sitting on about 156 "followers" and "following" about 450 photographers and photography related accounts. I can see myself now getting hooked into this especially now I have built up a  following, who knows what the next few weeks will be like as my understanding of this grows......