Canon 70D Liveview and Non Canon Flashgun

Canon 70D and YongNuo YN-560 III Flashgun in Liveview

I love live-view especially on the 70D with its touch screen focusing and the ability to zoom into the image and refine the focusing before taking the picture. I use this mainly with Macro photography and with the flip screen, I now wonder how I ever managed without it.

Anyway  back to the issue, I have a YongNuo YN-560 III Flashgun and it does not work on my Canon 70D in Live-view which is a pain while trying to Macro shots, especially photos of bugs. It works fine when using the view finder and is a great flashgun.

I have searched the net for a solution and eventually came across a solution in a forum at, I Tried it out and now works fine so problem solved,

- Silent live view shoot

- Go into menu settings and scroll to the end and select the last camera mode

- Get an option of mode 1, mode 2, disable

- choose disable on non canon flashes and now everything should now work in live view