Photo a Day - Day 7 - Lord of the Flies

Day 7 - Forced myself to go into the garden once the kids were in bed to try and get a shot or two before the sun went down. I can see my shot/per challenge is going to consist mainly of macro, which is not to bad, I have read in plenty of places that Macro is one of the hardest forms of photography to master.

So anyway here is a common fly, I have kept my camera settings as previous posts as they seem to work fine for me.

Photo a Day - Day 4 - More Macro

Day 4 of my personal Photo a Day challenge and its more macro. The sky was overcast but little wind made it good for bug hunting. The overcast sky made for some good diffused light although I did use a flash to get the shutter speed I wanted without raising the Iso.

Canon 70D & Sigma 150mm Macro with off camera flash

250th/sec, F16, Iso 100 (Handheld)

Hoverfly 100% Crop

Photo a Day - Day 3 - Macro

Day 3 of my Personal Photo a Day challenge, this time I finally get to use my Canon 70 D and Canon 60mm Macro with an off body flash. This is a particular area of photography I enjoy and want to improve at .

Today's subject is a young Centipede I found lounging on top of a wall. He/she was a small critter maybe 5 - 8mm long and stayed still enough for me to get a couple of shots off before disappearing.


IPhone - Lunchtime Walk in a Dreich Glasgow

DAY 1 

So my attempt to write a regular blog/diary fell flat on its face after the third post, so here is my attempt to give myself a kick in the butt and start over again.

I've read in countless places that one of the best ways to improve is to the photo a day challenge.

So here is a start, a simple shot of the Rail bridge over the river Clyde in Glasgow taken with my IPhone and edited using a new app to me 'Enlight' which I got from the Apple Appstore.

Being Scotland is was blue sky and warm until the moment I was at the furthest point of my walk away from my office when it started to rain.So this meant this photo was fairly rushed as I tried to decide on my composition then quickly pull my phone out, take a couple of shots and get it back in my jacket before the rain got to it.

So basic shot, not going to make millions on sales of prints, but it is a start. Lets see if I can keep myself motivated.


Canon 70D Liveview and Non Canon Flashgun

Canon 70D and YongNuo YN-560 III Flashgun in Liveview

I love live-view especially on the 70D with its touch screen focusing and the ability to zoom into the image and refine the focusing before taking the picture. I use this mainly with Macro photography and with the flip screen, I now wonder how I ever managed without it.

Anyway  back to the issue, I have a YongNuo YN-560 III Flashgun and it does not work on my Canon 70D in Live-view which is a pain while trying to Macro shots, especially photos of bugs. It works fine when using the view finder and is a great flashgun.

I have searched the net for a solution and eventually came across a solution in a forum at, I Tried it out and now works fine so problem solved,

- Silent live view shoot

- Go into menu settings and scroll to the end and select the last camera mode

- Get an option of mode 1, mode 2, disable

- choose disable on non canon flashes and now everything should now work in live view  



So I've looked at Twitter ( before but never really took the time to understand it. But now after setting up this website I thought I would give Twitter another go as every photography website or photographer has there own Twitter account (and Facebook account). 

So now after setting up my account (@SMacDonaldPhoto) and messing around with settings to get it the way I kind of like it (changed it several times over the first week) I started to look around to see what I could do. I thought I better add some content before I started searching and "following" other photographers and photography related "twitters" (I had decided that this account would be purely for photography). So I uploaded a few of my pictures to the site. Once done I then searched for some well known photographers that I followed on YouTube, such as Tony Northrup, Scott Kelby, Mike Browne etc. (I will start a list of my favourite photographers with Twitter and YouTube links in another post). Then I started looking at Twitter's suggestions on who to follow and after a quick scroll through I picked about fifty or so photographers to initially follow and began looking at there post and favouriting the images a liked and retweeting aswell. That was basically me for the night and logged out.

The next day  (after work and the kids were in bed) I looked into my account and got excited by seeing I had "followers"' only ten mind you but it was a start, and when I checked they were from the list of people I followed. Over the next few days I continued to follow more photographers and retweeted or liked various posts and slowly my following grew. Then one day I got a notice that someone had "liked"and "retweeted" one of my pictures, it was a macro picture of a ladybird. What did surprise me then was this sudden burst of "likes" and "retweets" for the same picture over a period of about twenty minutes. This I have to admit made me feel good and over the next day or two it happened again with a couple of other photos I had uploaded.

So now I am coming to the end of my first week as a "Tweeter" , I am currently sitting on about 156 "followers" and "following" about 450 photographers and photography related accounts. I can see myself now getting hooked into this especially now I have built up a  following, who knows what the next few weeks will be like as my understanding of this grows......

Day One

18 January 2015 and so begins my first website.

The intention of this site is to allow me to document my progress (if any) with Photography.


My Gear list as of today.

Canon 40D & 70D Bodies

Canon 18-55mm IS Kit Lens

Canon 55-200mm Lens

Canon 60mm Macro Lens

Sigma 150mm Macro Lens

Sigma 175-500mm Lens